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Starting a Chapter.

Our Selection Criteria

Diverse Student Population

DementiAid promotes inclusivity. We welcome all those eager to make an impact on their community.

Potential for Partnerships

DementiAid is youth-led and our business and nonprofit allies are an integral part of ensuring the program is sustainable.

Commitment to DementiAid

All DementiAid chapter members are committed to our mission and model.


Chapter teams can do almost anything they want with their chapter, such as creating their own projects which will be feature on their respectives web pages. However, below are the three pillars that DementiAid focuses primarily on, as should its chapters.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers spend their time playing music, talking, serving food, directing games, and a variety of other activities that provide immense relief for caregivers and immense joy for senior citizens. Even though COVID19 renders volunteers unable to visit homes in person, we are still able to continue some of our favorite activities virtually via projects such as Music4Memories (e.g. recording and uploading music videos onto our website).

Distribution of Supplies

It is well known that the heavy burden of care is taken on by caregivers in the managing of the daily concerns of persons with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. In light of current events, PPE remains essential in a nursing home. Chapter members should find ways to obtain and distribute these resources to nearby nursing homes through their own means (e.g. in-kind donation, 3D printing face shields, homemade masks, etc.)

Community Outreach

There must be an increase in public awareness about the types of dementia and their prevalence throughout all sectors of the community, from the general public, especially young adults, to healthcare professionals. Chapter leaders should actively reach out to local nonprofits and businesses to secure funding and sponsors. Additionally, it is recommended that they introduce DementiAid in their own schools and communities via social media, local news outlets, and school annoucements, in order to garner more awareness and volunteers.

Are you interested in starting DementiAid in your school or community? Apply to start a chapter for the 2020 - 2021 year! Middleschool, highschool and university students around the globe are welcome to apply.

Applications are sent on a rolling basis. We will contact you ASAP!

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