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An NJ based, student-led initiative dedicated to engaging youth in community service and providing sustainable funding for senior homes across the world.

Our Story

Worldwide, over 50 million people live with Alzheimer's Disease or some other form of dementia. This number is growing at an alarming rate, with nearly 10 million new cases each year. Dementia has far-reaching and devastating impact, not only on those diagnosed, but also on their caregivers, families, and society at large.​ After hearing his grandfather had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, then fifteen-year-old Bill Zhang, like many others, wanted to take action.

That summer, he began volunteering at a local senior nursing home playing music, serving food, and interacting with the facility's residents. But after noticing the loneliness, lack of volunteers, and sometimes unsuitable living conditions, Bill decided to do whatever he could to combat these issues.

With the help of his two friends Anjay Ambegaonkar and Sachin Naraparaju, the three began by gradually enlisting the help of more student volunteers from nearby schools.

What started out as just a small group of students, soon turned into a movement. After several viral articles, business, nonprofits, and volunteers of all ages internationally began reaching out to express their desire to help. In response, DementiAid was created. 


DementiAid is an international youth led initiative combating social isolation in underserved nursing homes through youth engagement in community service. The organization aims to act as a liaison between volunteers of all ages, nonprofits, and businesses to meet the needs of under-resourced senior living facilities.


DementiAid reimagines a world where all senior living facilities are afforded the resources to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Our Core Values

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Engage Youth in Service

The youth are stepping up as leaders of today's society and are at the forefront of social change and societal improvement. We strive to create a student-led organization of leaders who aim to make a positive impact in the world through service.

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Provide​ Sustainable Funding

The lack of consistent and sufficient funding leads to many barriers: untrained staff, low pay, high turnover and inadequate care and living conditions. We hope to continue providing the money and resources that will keep senior homes open and provide the appropriate care to all patients.

What We Do


Socializing, playing music, organizing games, teaching arts and crafts to seniors


Distribute PPE supplies, ventilators, and nursing home products  


Seek potential investors through email/social media to raise awareness


Engaged students


Represented schools


Donated PPE and homemade supplies


Raised in funding

Our Partners

DementiAid Impact Map

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